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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rayman Jungle Run v2.0.2

: Android 2.3.3+
Overview: The legendary platforming hero is making the jump to your favorite mobile device!

Rayman Jungle Run is powered by the same UbiArt Framework engine that brought you Rayman Origins – Winner of numerous Game of the Year and Platformer of the Year awards.

-Beautiful graphics
-New worlds to discover
-New powers to unlock
-Captivating music
-Smooth touch-based controls
-Exclusive wallpapers to unlock for your device
-Rayman Jungle Run is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but challenging for the longtime Rayman fans to master. Unlock the Land of the Livid Dead levels if you have the skills!

What’s in this version:
A brand new world for the holidays!
10 new levels, including a snowy jungle, waterfalls, interactive environments, and a new crazy Land of The Dead challenge.
Fixes the issue where previous saved games were erased. If you lost your saved games, please accept our apologies.
This game has no advertisements

Real Racing 2 v000853

Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: Real Racing 2 sets the pace as the most critically-acclaimed racing simulation on Android. Speed away with hours of high-performance gameplay, cutting-edge graphics, and intuitive controls. Experience the excitement, competition, and glory of authentic championship racing with Real Racing 2!

** Real Racing 2 is an immersive racing experience that requires a 350+ MB download. We strongly recommend connecting to WiFi before downloading. We promise - it-s worth it! **


-Real Racing 2 ups the ante from the previous version with absolutely insane visuals for Android devices, delivering ultra realistic environments and shiny car models.- (Phandroid)

-Real Racing set the standard for just how good racing games could look on smartphones and its sequel managed to push the quality of its graphics even further.- (Trusted Reviews)


- Test your racing prowess on a 16 car grid against highly skilled AI drivers.
- Select from 30 officially licensed cars including the 2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, 2010 Nissan GT-R (R35), 2012 McLaren MP4-12C, and more!
- Work your way from rookie to pro in a robust Career Mode, offering 10 hours of exhilarating gameplay. Jump into a Quick Race for instant fun - or try to beat the clock in Time Trial Mode.
- Race in 15 beautiful locations, with 40 miles of highly detailed race tracks, speedways, and city circuits - including twilight and night races.
- Touch or tilt to steer, as you experience state-of-the-art handling with customizable options that tailor to your personal driving style.
- Experience the intensity of head-to-head racing with 5 unique camera angles and breath-taking graphics powered by Firemint-s exclusive high performance Mint3D- engine.
Ready to race- Buckle in, start your engine, and speed away with REAL RACING 2!
What’s in this version:
The issue causing game crashes for certain devices has been fixed. We-ve also made some performance optimizations to improve overall gameplay
This game has no advertisements

Stone Age 2 v1.3.2

Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: In StoneAge 2 Anime and Manga fans will discover a fanciful online world for their home computers.

Besides the interaction between human players, the relationship between the characters and their pets, constitutes an essential game-play element. The skills of these cute companions and their capability to learn are decisive factors in determining the outcome of the turn-based fights.

Primeval spirits, mythical beings and dinosaurs once roamed the lovingly animated world of StoneAge 2. But since the mysterious disappearance of the mighty dinosaurs, aggressive and evil creatures have taken over the world. Hunting, gathering and defending their soil now dominate the everyday life of the Manga characters. Players fan out from their individual housing to look for food and resources. Fortunately for them, the pets stand by their sides with their unique fighting and healing talents. Players will attentively take care of their virtual companions. With good upbringing and training some might even be used as mounts. Hobby Neanderthals can choose from almost 200 pets and even create their own unique creature as a loyal escort.

Lane Splitter v4.0.3

Requirements: 2.0.1+
Overview: Weave your way through traffic at insane speeds in the smash arcade hit.

“The graphics are bright and appealing, the controls are dead-on…Most importantly, once you start playing, it?s hard to stop.” –

Over 12 million players on Android and iOS devices can’t be wrong! The ORIGINAL and best motorcycle survival game!

Ride your motorcycle at insane speeds through ever changing traffic. Your reflexes will mean the difference between surviving or crashing in spectacular fashion. Do you have what it takes to reach TOP SPEED?


- Tilt your phone/tablet to steer left and right
- Stay away from cars, walls, and cops
- Touch the screen to wheelie and perform other special abilities
- Pick up coins to earn money for awesome items
- Hang on for dear life!
* Crazy addictive gameplay with ultra smooth tilt controls
* 10 different characters to play, each with their own unique abilities and gameplay!
* Cool upgrades and items to earn
* Eye popping high definition 3D graphics
* Environments that change every day you play
* Lifelike character animations and physics
* Global leaderboards
* Facebook integration: compete with your friends for top score and post brags to your wall
* Awesome realistic sound effects recorded from real motorcycles, including a sport bike, chopper, dirt bike, and a cafe racer!
- Pick up “Lane Splitter” bonuses by navigating your way in between cars during heavy traffic areas
- Compete for best wheelie score by holding the screen to wheelie while playing as Jake or Jonny
- If a cop is on your tail, get 500ft away to evade him, or buy some donuts to bribe him
- Buy a helmet to protect you from one crash

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies v1.6

Requirements: 1.6+
Overview: Mega-City One is overrun with zombies. Judge Dredd is here to dispense justice!

You must protect Mega-City One from a zombie invasion! Arm yourself with a Lawgiver pistol and three other devastating, upgradable weapons. Fight four deadly zombie archetypes in thirty levels of game play. Choose from seven special upgrades to give you an edge over your undead foe!

Earn stars and commendations based on performance. Ensure your Law meter is kept to maximum at all times by eliminating zombies, collecting shields and avoiding damage. Watch your ammo count as you blast through waves of attacking undead. When the going gets tough, upgrade your Lawgiver or try the Spitgun, Scattergun or Hi-Ex Launcher. Immerse yourself in a future world where the extreme is the norm!

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies features:
- Simple to learn and use ‘Single-Stick’ controls
- Four upgradeable weapons
- Seven equipment upgrades, from Body Armor to Iron Will ? each gives a different combat advantage
- Three episodes and thirty levels of game play, with high replayability
- Star and Commendation system reward skilled gameplay ? are you good enough to earn a Commendation?
- 16 achievements to collect!

What’s in this version:
Minor bug fixes.
Updated frontend relating to the Dredd movie.

Friday, January 4, 2013

TerraTime 3.7.1 (apk) | Android

TerraTime v3.7.1
Visually stunning real-time virtual Earth. Fed by satellite imagery to display day/night, clouds, seasons, sun, moon and more. Day/night clock (with widget) tracks phases of the moon, sunrise, sunset and transit times.

“TerraTime is unique. It is bold and different ..” C Woods, AndroidApps Review.
“Possibly the most beautiful phone app I’ve seen. Highly recommended.” –
“Totally engaging” – James
“Astonishingly detailed” – Mark
“Amazingly accurate” – Larry

Great for travellers, those dealing with other time zones, astronomers, weather watchers, geographers, teachers, photographers, fishermen & other outdoor types – as well as just about any geek you can think of.

• Real-time simulations include clouds, city lights, sea ice, and more, generated from actual satellite imagery
• Clock and compass also show sunrise & sunset; moon phase, moonrise & set; twilight & transit times
• Globe and map are fully interactive, using touchscreen or device sensors
• Easily shows any date, any location
• Clock and globe widgets, each in multiple sizes
• Live wallpapers for real-time map and globe
• Tablet compatible

Permissions explained:
Full Internet access – to download the satellite imagery used to make the map and globe.
View network state – to ensure that you have a high-speed data connection before downloads take place.
Location – sunrise and sunset times depend on where you are; GPS is used when no network is available.
Start at boot, set wallpaper – both essential to making the live wallpaper work.
Write SD – for caching images locally.


Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.2 (apk) | Android

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) v1.2
Looking for a Twitter app with an Innovative UI, Buttery animations, Extra fast loading times and Unique Features ? Look no further, Falcon Pro is what you need.

::::: Falcon Pro Features :::::

* Double Sliding Menu UI like you’ve never seen before
* Beautiful Phone and Tablet UI
* Extra smooth scrolling
* Real Time, Expandable notifications
* Super fast internal browser with Instapaper integration
* Offline favoriting
* Tweet Drafts
* Inline preview of Photos and Videos
* TweetMarker support to use on multiple devices
* In-app preview of Play Store links

+ All core features you would expect from a mobile Twitter client.

Falcon Pro is fast and smooth on phones and tablets running Android 2.2 and above.

What’s New in Falcon Pro (for Twitter) version:
- Added Retweets – Easily see your popular tweets, tap to show who retweeted
- Block user
- Own DMs in DM list
- Delete own tweets
- Mute users/hashtags
- Add user to list
- changed default profile pic
- more padding to the notification icon
- fix wrong avatars
- fix notification sound
- Better TweetMarker integration (for Timeline)

Action Launcher v0.9.6 & Action Launcher Pro v1.0.0

Action Launcher v0.9.6 & Action Launcher Pro v1.0.0
Getting you where you need to go, faster.
It looks and feels like a natural launching pad for the Android ecosystem.
Standout features include:
* Sliding app drawer for instant access to all your apps
* ‘Covers’, a powerful new way to quickly launch apps and shortcuts without compromising the look of your carefully crafted homescreen.
* Action bar present on the home screen
* Highly organized customization options
* Strong Play Store integration
Action Launcher automatically imports your existing launcher layout, so you’ll instantly feel right at home.
What’s New in Action Launcher Pro version:
Revel in the freshness.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

StarCraft goes android - full touch - gonna be official.

wall1-1920x1200Starcraft (Brood War) on Android with full touch controls.
Great, now that I have your undivided attention, let me explain. So, you, like most reasonable human beings, think playing Starcraft on a tablet would be pretty awesome. It's been tried before, but usually the result is a messy, laggy ROM on an N64 emulator that requires you to control a cursor with a digital joystick. And as we all know, that's basically like poking yourself in the eye with a hot fork. It sucks.
Enter Winulator. Right now, Winulator is still a pretty young app with a lot of potential, but what it does is really quite fascinating. Winulator is not an emulator. Not really, anyways. Winulator utilizes a few select Windows APIs, but otherwise runs ARM-friendly code straight from your device's onboard storage. But how in the heck can you make Starcraft - an x86 Windows game - ARM/Android-friendly?
This is where the magic happens. The developer of Winulator has developed a tool called WCH, the Windows Converter Helper. This tool takes your Windows/x86-ready EXE and DLL files from a particular program and converts the underlying machine code into an ARM-readable format. If you're like me (eg, not a programmer), this basically sounds like witchcraft. But it's witchcraft that works. Take a look at the video below.

He is controlling the entire game by touch - running at full speed. Holy crap. As I said previously, other attempts to port Starcraft have usually relied on messy cursor implementations and other convoluted nonsense. Not this one. You can even configure on-screen widgets that map to virtual keyboard keys or mouse actions, because what's Starcraft without hotkeys?
Now, the bad news: Winulator isn't compatible with Starcraft: Brood War yet. It's a work in progress (each game requires specialized tweaking in order to work). But right now it's compatible with Caesar III, one of my personal favorites, so you can get your 90's strategy fix on that way. Winulator comes in both a free and paid version (there is no practical difference between the two, the paid is really just a donate version for now), and they're on the Play Store.
If you want to play Caesar III (available DRM-free through legitimate channels), you'll need to check out the instructions (it's not a one-click process, but it's worth the result).

51 live wallpapers for android in 1 link mediafire

51 live wallpapers for android in 1 mediafire link :


  Star Wars Live Wallpaper v1.0 .apk 16.57 MB
  Secret Wallpaper 1 .apk 12.66 MB
  A Nice Ass Live Wallpaper v1.3 .apk 12.14 MB
  Secret Wallpaper 2 .apk 7.78 MB
  Turkey Run Live Wallpaper v1.0 .apk 5.98 MB
  An Asian Art Live Wallpaper v4.0 .apk 5.88 MB
  3D Pond v1.0 .apk 5.83 MB
  A Sunny Wallpapers v1.0 .apk 5.64 MB
  A City At Night Live Wallper v1.09 .apk 5.1 MB
  Moonlight Live Wallpaper v1.8.0 .apk 3.59 MB
  Bugz Live Wallpaper 1.2.apk 3.43 MB
  Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper v1.1.1 .apk 2.93 MB
  Flaming Launcher Wallpaper v1 .apk 2.7 MB
  Aquarium Live Wallpaper 2.4.5 .apk 2.67 MB
  A Starlight Live Wallpaper v1.92 .apk 2.43 MB
  Butterfly Live Wallpaper 1..apk 2.42 MB
  A Honeycomb Boot Live Wallpaper v2.0 .apk 2.09 MB
  An Asteroid Belt Live Wallpaper v1.25 .apk 2.05 MB
  A Flowers Live Wallpaper v1.1.apk 1.9 MB
  Starlight Live Wallpaper v1.1 .apk 1.79 MB
  A Jungle Waterfall Live Wallpaper v1.1.apk 1.78 MB
  Ocean Wave .apk 1.64 MB
  A Fireflies Live Wallpaper v1.0.1.apk 1.51 MB
  Jelly Fishtank Live Wallpaper 1.0.5 .apk 1.49 MB
  Halloween v1.0.1 .apk 938.52 KB
  A Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper v1.3.3.apk 893.99 KB
  A Circuit Board Live Wallpaper v1.8.2 .apk 815.37 KB
  A Skeleton Eye Live Wallpaper v1.07 .apk 767.04 KB
  Sweet Winter Dreams Wallpaper v1.0 .apk 752.33 KB
  A Zombie Eye Live Wallpaper v1.07 .apk 685.51 KB
  Winter Flock 1.2.0.apk 647.56 KB
  Cyclo Live Wallpaper v1.0.1 .apk 305.1 KB
  Shake them All 1.371 .apk 281.23 KB
  Nexus Revamped Pro .apk 230.22 KB
  Seismo Wallpaper v1.01 .apk 194.22 KB
  Seeds Of Life v1 .apk 112.99 KB
  A Star Trek Red Alert Live Wallpaper v0.9.apk 102.42 KB
  Waves Wallpaper v1.1.3.apk 62.21 KB
  Magic Circle 1.1 .apk 34.44 KB
  Dodecahedron LiveWallpaper v0.1.apk 28.77 KB
  Magic Net 1.1 .apk 28.47 KB
  Cube Clock v1.1.apk 25.28 KB
  Lines Live Wallpaper v1.3 .apk 20.63 KB
  Conway v1.0 .apk 18.9 KB
  Unown.apk 17.66 KB
  A Colored Lines Live Wallpaper v1.0 .apk 15.58 KB
  Digital Rain v1.0.2 .apk 15.38 KB
  Show Off v1.0.0 .apk 15.34 KB
  LWP Digital Rain .apk 14.93 KB
  A Glow Live Wallpaper Donate .apk 10.76 KB
  Mystify Live Wallpaper v1.2 .apk 3.64 KB

Inspire Stream 1.3.3 (apk) | Android

Overview: Inspire Stream goes beyond the average image browsing or image searching application by pulling the best images from uploaded user content as well as popular websites such as Google Images, Picasa, DeviantArt, 500px, Photobucket, Flickr and Instagram.
Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up
Inspire Stream v1.3.3 Get Inspired!
Inspire Stream is able to deliver a wide range of quality images of different tastes and styles. It also offers a robust search engine, powered by Google, giving you the ability to add a range of criteria to narrow or broaden your results from a color filter to the type of image it is or even which websites you want to search within. Besides searching and browsing images, you also have the ability to create your own personal streams of images that spark your imagination and share them with others.
What is a Stream?

A stream is a collection of images that you can group together to represent an idea or a concept. It can be anything from subjects you want to represent in a painting to photos of engagement rings you want to share with the one you love. It can be a quilt of images to represent a character in your novel or even a collection of your favorite memes. It is what you make it.

How should I use it?

Take your time. Search through images of things you like and build streams of all the different things that inspire you. Use it as a tool to motivate you and enhance your workflow or use it to make you smile. After organizing your own streams, you can even send them to your friends. They will open up right on their own phones so that they can experience the things that inspire you. You can also upload your own pictures and tag them for others to see or simply browse through popular categories in DeviantArt, 500px, or Photobucket. So kick your feet up, settle down, and let us inspire you.

What’s New in Inspire Stream version:
-Integrated into Infinite Painter and Infinite Design
-Added support for Flickr, Photobucket, Instagram, and Picasa.
-Added Source Back to uploads. Users can source back to their websites or blogs to help promote their work.
-Optimized search engine. Maintains image relevance while shuffling images into a stream.
-Added a new Help system to introduce new users to some of the subtleties of the application.

Ink Over Apps 1.1.2 (apk) | Android

Ink Over Apps v1.1.2
It’s like using a sharpie on your screen but without the mess and ruined screens!
Need to highlight your emails? Want to make some comments on a PDF? Desire to draw a dinosaur on your boss’s face and then send it to him? Just launch what ever app you want to draw on, draw, then press and hold volume down + power and take a screenshot of it!

<=======PERMISSIONS ========>

android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW :
This lets the app actually create floating windows. The app will not abuse this to spam the device. The app will only use this to create the floating windows necessary.

android.permission.EXPAND_STATUS_BAR :
Used when a button is clicked in the notification to close the status bar.

Both of these are used for Per app drawing. Writing to external storage happens when the app saves your drawing to disk for later use.
Get tasks happens when you start to paint and the app checks for what app is running underneath so it knows if it should give you a new canvas or pull up a new canvas for you to draw on for this specific app.

What’s New in Ink Over Apps version:
1.1.2 Changed the “Min” button to now remove the buttons from view (leaves the paint) until you touch the screen. Removed all Analytics and removed internet permissions.
1.1.1 User Feed back overhaul.
Smaller overall app footprint. Removed drag handle and now you can just drag the app around by touching the app and moving your finger.
Changed notification to not require expand, also gave 4.0 devices buttons in their notification. Also made app save position and settings. New launcher icon.

Twisted Lands: Insomniac v1.3 [No Need Amazon App]

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Make your way through a creepy mansion, a decaying lighthouse, and the eerie corridors of a sinister hospital to help Angel unravel the mystery surrounding her true identity.

An incredibly thought-provoking, and equally disturbing back-story will unfold as you solve each puzzle and watch the pieces gradually come together. Be hasty, because time is limited!
With many gripping locations to explore, suspenseful mini-games to complete, and the best visuals to delight in Twisted Lands: Insomniac is a true must-have for hidden-object game lovers! Are you ready to trudge through all the psychological horrors concealed in Shadow Town? Then set off on the journey to sanity in Twisted Lands: Insomniac right now!
Product Features
- Tons of creepy locations!
- Exhilarating mini games!
- Two difficulty modes!
- Breathtaking visuals!
This game has no advertisements

Format: Apk
Size :7mb/742mb
Idiom : English
Host : Rapidgator, Depositfiles

DATA :    Sd cache: (SDCard/Android/data)
DATA :    Sd cache: (SDCard/Android/data)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

n7player Music Player Full 2.0.4a (apk) | Android

n7player is an innovative 3D mp3 and music player available only on Android. It visualizes your music as a single plane full of album covers. You can zoom in and out using multi-touch to see different views of your music. The main application screen is like an interactive tag cloud which can be easily explored to find your mp3 files. Artist names transforms smoothly to album covers, when pinched-to-zoomed. The minimalistic design and smooth interface allows users to quickly pick their favorite music from their library.

N7player has also the most advanced cover art downloading function available on the market. It can download the missing album arts both by its own and by easy to use dedicated screen, where the user can search and pick an album art from the internet.

Android 2.3+ is required to use Equalizer & other sound effects.

Reading sensitive log data permission is required only to provide more information in case of application crash when user decides to send log to developers.

Key features of the n7player:
- Unique user interface! Fully multi-touchable album covers wall
- Plays: mp3, ogg, m4a, mp4, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, flac (3.1+), aac (3.1+), mkv (4.0+)
- 5 band EQ with presets, environmental effects, bass boost and SRS (requires 2.3+)
- Album art downloader
- Tag editor
- File browser with filters
- Widgets
- Lockscreen with direct unlock
- Headset support
- Shuffle/repeat features
- scrobbling
- m3u playlist support
- Sleep timer
- Lyrics (embedded or via musicXmatch plugin)

What’s New in n7player Music Player Full version :
2.0.5a changelog:
- Fixes in PLS Parser – sometimes it would crash the scanner
- Fixes in Storage detector – sometimes it could crash the scanner


ASTRO File Manager Browser Pro 4.2.453 (apk) | Android

ASTRO File Manager Browser Pro v4.2.453
ASTRO File Manager has 35 million downloads on the Android Market and 290,000 reviews!
It’s like Windows Explorer or Mac’s Finder for your phone or tablet and allows you to easily browse and organize all of your pictures, music, videos and documents. It also gives you the ability to stop processes that burn battery life and backup your apps in case you lose or change phones.
Personalize the look of ASTRO by downloading different colored icon sets using our “theme” feature!
It’s picture view works better than standard galleries and ASTRO is in dozens of Top Ten Android App lists and has been recommended in books. DOWNLOAD NOW.
Features include: file management, android file browser, file and/or app backup, image and text viewers, networking, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip/ Tar, downloader, thumbnails, search files, application manager, task manager, attachments and more…
Recent Changes:
*** We’ve added Themes to ASTRO ***
Download Android’s most popular file manager and choose from many icon sets and colors including v2′s “Classic” ASTRO look and feel.
- Fixed the Force Close happening on upgrade from 2.5 to 3.0
- Fixed App Backup issues
- Honeycomb support
- New UI and icon set (more options for colors and icon set in next releases)
- Drag and Drop files
- Analytics: ASTRO users, we are gathering non-personal analytics (such as what functions are used the most) in order to better understand user behavior. We will use this so we can focus our development efforts in areas that our customers use often rather than functions that are not. If you do not want analytics, in the Pro Version you can turn analytics off.
- A few more bug fixes and stability fixes

The ad free version, ASTRO File Manager Pro is available on the left (see More from developer)

ASTRO currently supports 11 languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian & Portuguese.

ASTRO File Manager Browser Pro Release highlights:
** Click “My Files” for file management (copy/move/delete/etc) **
* NEW: Facebook Photo support
* NEW: New Picture Gallery
* NEW: Image Viewer enhancements including rotate picture
* SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox support
- SWIPE SCREEN RIGHT to get to Clouds, Network Locations or Saved Searches fast
- SWIPE SCREEN LEFT to get to Tools (App Backup, Task Killer, SD Card Usage), Settings and Help

Trial Xtreme 3 v4.4

Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: Beware ! this Game Will Introduce You to New Levels of Awesomeness!
Play, challenge your friends, Win!

With over 40 Million downloads(!) and leading the games charts in hundreds of countries, Trial Xtreme series is BACK and it?s going to set the bar even higher.

Trial Xtreme 3, will take your breath away with its new innovations and amazing features. Tackle 76 completely original courses, fighting your friends for the race, win while carefully controlling your bike to ensure that you don?t fall victim to one of the many hundreds of mines, water pipes, or wrecked cars that are standing in your way.

Race against your friends and the world top Trials bikers head to head, shoulder to shoulder to prove to everyone what we already know- That you are #1! the best Trial Xtremist out there!

Customize your bike and rider to your own tastes, then hit the course and win the race by taking advantage of the brilliant new social media and offline multiplayer options, that allows you to challenge friends or random players even when they are off line.


?New, advanced physics engine which revolutionizes gameplay
?76 (!) levels across 4 worlds, and hundreds of new obstacles

?Play alone or head to head against your FACEBOOK friends and random players

?Different high score table for every level

?Customize your bike and rider

?Play with phone?s accelerometer or buttons

What’s in this version:
*Added ability to get coins for free
*Minor Bug Fixes

This game has banner advertisements